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Old Coins For Sale

Classic Old US Coins For Sale

Buy or bid on a large selection of old coins for sale, from silver dollars to cents. Compare certified or ungraded US coins from the worlds largest online marketplace. Buy Old Silver Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, Cents and more. Also, gold and silver bullion rounds, US Mint Proof Sets and Pre-1965 90% Silver Coins.

Our site uses the latest internet tools and technology to present the best deals on coins from eBay. Select a coin icon from a classic US coin series or use the main navigation menu. Buy or bid on ungraded coins, to certified NGC, ANACS and PCGS graded coins. All our coin and bullion listings are refreshed and updated daily – so check back often to view the newest offers available…
Buy Lincoln wheat Cents OnlineLincoln Cents
Buy Indian Head Cents OnlineIndian Head Cents
Buy Large Cents OnlineLarge Cents
Buy Buffalo Head Nickels OnlineBuffalo Head Nickels
Buy Liberty Head Nickels OnlineLiberty Head Nickels
Buy Jefferson Nickels OnlineJefferson Nickels
Buy Roosevelt Dimes OnlineRoosevelt Dimes
Buy Mercury Dimes OnlineMercury Dimes
Buy Barber Dimes OnlineBarber Dimes
Buy Washington Quarters OnlineWashington Quarters
Buy Standing Liberty Quarters OnlineStanding Liberty Quarters
Buy Kennedy Half DollarsKennedy Half Dollars
Buy Franklin Half DollarsFranklin Half Dollars
Buy Walking Liberty Half DollarsWalking Liberty Half Dollars
Uncirculated Morgan Silver DollarsUncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars
Buy Peace Silver Dollars OnlinePeace Silver Dollars
Buy Eisenhower Dollars OnlineEisenhower Dollars
Buy Junk Silver CoinsJunk Silver Coins

Old Coins For Sale

We’ve tried to “hand-pick” the best coins and bullion offerings and think you’re going to enjoy viewing our selections.

Our site uses the latest internet tools and technology to present real-time offers for you from eBay. We then arrange them on our site in their own categories and an attractive layout, in a way we feel will make it enjoyable to view and easy for you to find what you may be looking for.

We hope you enjoy reading our coin collecting blog and viewing all the different old coins on our site. We’re in the process of adding new US coin categories. So, remember to check back often, as new coins for sale are added every day.

If you have any suggestions on making this site better or adding new coin denomination types – please contact us. Cheers and happy coin hunting!…